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The Further Adventures of Belle Star

Belle was first to greet me every morning through her "window" as if to say "Oh Boy... time to go out to play".
Breakfast first, then it's time for some exploring and socializing :o)
BelleHay.jpg BelleMeetsKorey.jpg
We gave Cassie and Belle the run of the farm, the only closed gate was the one into the "big horses" pasture. Being the curious and friendly type, Belle took full advantage of her roaming priviledges to make new friends even with Frankie :o)
BelleMeetsFrankie.jpg Belle_Frankie.jpg
It wasn't long before word spread through the neighborhood and Belle had LOTS of visitors. She just loved all the attention and went right up to all her new friends. And nobody will ever accuse her of being camera shy!
BellePopular.jpg BellePosing.jpg
Try as she might, the only time Cassie managed to keep up with her energetic daughter was naptime. Whenever Belle would stop to nap Cass would stay close by to watch over and keep her safe :o)
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