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Our Miniature Donkeys

Donkey...also known as burro or ass, is the longest eared member of the equine family. The female is called a Jennet or Jenny and the male is known as a Jack. Donkeys are affectionate, curious, and gentle, but also cautious which is often mistaken for stubbornness. They range in color from Grey-dun to White, Brown, Black, Red, or Spotted. Donkeys are used for riding, driving, packing, or as herd guards, and they make excellent family pets!

The American Donkey and Mule Society recognizes any donkey that measures 36" or less at the withers as a Mini, 36" to 54" as a Standard, and over 54" as a Mammoth.

Our Jack

My World Tinker Toy
MDR Reg. #33010
Dark Brown Jack
Born 9/1/2000 - Hgt. 30¼"

Tinker's Page

Our senior herdsire, with his short stature and drafty build
we've been getting some very nice foals from him.
See some of his foals here
Tinker Toy

Our Jennets

Angelique Hy Hopes Casper's Little Angel
MDR Reg. #12902
Frosted Grey/White Jennet
Born 7/5/94 - Hgt. 35½"

Our "prize" jennet, Angelique's
pedigree stretches back to Italy.

Angelique's Page

Ass-pirin Acres Antalya
MDR Reg. #31273
Grey-dun Jennet
Born 5/19/2001 - Hgt. 30¼"

Our smallest and sweetest addition,
Talya is the perfect little jenny we've always wanted!

Talya's Page

Peachy Ass-pirin Acres Just Peachy
MDR Reg. #40353
Sorrel Jennet
Born 10/8/2004 - Hgt. 32¼"

Peachy is a stocky little sweetheart
with a showgirl attitude.

Ross's Snowflake
MDR Reg. #40092
Frosted Spotted Sorrel White Jennet
Born 8/14/2004 - 32½"

In Snowflake, Angelique finally reproduced
her own color with the added bonus
of the sorrel gene from her sire, Tinker Toy :o)

Our Geldings

Gilligan White's Gilligan
MDR Reg. #11179
Grey-dun Gelding
Born 7/18/92 - Hgt. 32½"

Our first mini, Gillie will always be our #1 buddy.