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Our Miniature Horses

The American Miniature Horse Assoc. defines a mini as any horse that measures 34" or less to the last hairs of the mane. The American Miniature Horse Registry allows for a "class B", including horses from 34" to 38". Mini Horses can be any color and their body type ranges from the very refined (arabian-like) to the draft horse type.


Derby Sir Prize Derby Sir Prize
AMHA Reg.# A 183594
AMHR Reg.# 286783A
Black Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Born 5/03/2007 - Hgt. 30 1/4"

We're proud to add this colorful little guy to our breeding program!

MTF Cloverdales Little Treasure
Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Born 8/30/2011 - Hgt. 29"

With his small stature, excellent conformation, and outstanding pedigree, we're thrilled to add Toby to our program!
MTF Cloverdales Little Treasure


Adalida TeKokomikos Willy Wild's Adalida
AMHA Reg.# A 70362
AMHR Reg.# 77963A
Black Pinto Mare
Born 5/3/95-Hgt. 31.75"

A sweet mover, Lida is our driving horse.
Adalida's Page

Whites Casino Elise
AMHA Reg.#A 56194
AMHR Reg.#300518A
Chestnut (Silver Bay?) Mare
Born 5/27/93-Hgt. 30.5"

Our first mare, Cassie will always be extra special to us.
Cassie has given us four beautiful foals who can be seen
on her page and our foal pages.
Go To Cassie's Page

Royal M Glittering Dusty Morn Royal M Glittering Dusty Morn
AMHA Reg.# A 122688
AMHR Reg.# 299276A
Mare-Born 4/27/2001-Hgt. 33"

Dusty's Few Spot Leopard Appaloosa
coat pattern has us hoping for
plenty of spotted foals in the future :o)
Her first foal fulfilled all our hopes!
See her first daughter on our 2005 Foals page.
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Another Picture

Cloverdales Freckles
AMHA Reg.# A 196260
AMHR Reg.# 300520T
Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa Filly
Born 4/9/2009 - Hgt. 21" at birth

Dusty & Eclipse did it again!!
This loud leopard filly will make a wonderful
addition to our band of broodmares :o)
Cloverdales Freckles

Lucky Star's Irish Linen Lucky Stars Irish Linen
AMHA Reg.# A 141003
AMHR Reg.# 105545A
Silver Buckskin Mare
Born 4/16/1999 - Hgt. 31.25"

This little sweetheart is the latest addition to our broodmare band
and adds the creme dilution gene to our color program.

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CMC Surprise At Sunrise
AMHA Reg. # A 175227
AMHR Reg.# 282833A
Black Roan Appaloosa Mare
Born 5/30/2006 - Hgt. 28.5"

This little beauty has it all, refinement, color and stiny size :o)
Many thanks to the Sisters at Carmelites Mini Corral
for allowing us to adopt this little sweetheart!

Sugar Whispers MTF Legacys Sugar Whispers
AMHA Reg.# A 168797
AMHR Reg.# 271735A
Chestnut Few Spot Leopard Appaloosa Mare
Born 4/10/2006 - Hgt. 29.5"

Thank You Mountain Top Farm
for entrusting us with this beautiful little mare!

Reference Stallions

Richie Rocky Hill's Rich N Famous
AMHA Reg.# A 84046
AMHR Reg.# 81800A
Chestnut Pinto Gelding
Born 4/25/97 - Hgt. 29"

Richie is listed here as a reference only.
He sired many nice foals for us before we retired him
to make space for Derby & Magnum in our breeding program.

Richie's Page

Sulphuras Apache Eclipse
AMHA Reg.# A 116498
AMHR Reg.# 207345A
Bay Appaloosa Gelding
Born 5/23/2000 - Hgt. 31.25"

Small, Loud, & Proud
This Near Leopard Appaloosa loves to strut his stuff!

Harlwood Magnum Harlwood Magnum
AMHA Reg# A 192010
AMHR Reg# 296742A
Black Few Spot Leopard Appaloosa Stallion
Born 4/1/2007 - Hgt. 31"

Being a Few Spot Leopard, Magnum is guaranteed to
pass the appaloosa genes on to all his offspring.
We can't wait to see what he produces for us!