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Cloverdale Miniatures Reference Stallion
Rocky Hill's Rich-N-Famous

In the autumn of 1999 we purchased this little stallion named "Rocky Hill's Rich-n-Famous" from Rocking Horse Acres
He's small (28") and correct and we're hoping he'll give us some beautiful, colorful foals in the future.
Richie was born April 25, 1997
He was a playful little colt and has grown into a spirited young stallion!
Richie's Sire
Frostpockets Six-Pack
  Richie's Dam
TinkerBells My Angel
SixPack - Richie's Sire   My Angel - Richie Dam
Richie-n-Mom   RichieFoal1
RichieLeftSide   RichieKorey2
In 2001 Richie gave us 3 foals
tazzie Sonny tuffy
One foal in 2003
Richie's Pride
Two foals in 2004
Silverbelle   Rory
One foal in 2005
Candy Girl
and one foal in 2006
and his last foal before he retired was born in 2008