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Belle's First Adventures

Early May can be a little chilly in the Berkshires so Cassie's little girl needed to dress for her first trip outdoors :o)
Cassie spotted the new grass beyond the open gate and led the way straight to the (usually off-limits) front yard. We'll never know whether it was the excitement of the wide open spaces or the ticklish feel of grass on her tiny feet, but our little filly just couldn't keep her hooves on the ground!
The weather improved after that first day and the coat was left in the barn for the next days adventures.
BelleCassie.jpg BelleClose.jpg
Her shiny silver coat and the bright white star on her forehead brought to mind a number of possible names. Among the forerunners were Silver (as in "hi ho....away" LOL), Star, Silverbell, Tinkerbell, and Bright Star, but we finally decided on Belle Star. Our little filly had a name!!!
BelleCassNap.jpg BelleLawnNap.jpg
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