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White's Casino Elise

Whites Casino Elise
Cassie was born on May 27th, 1993 at White's Mini Farm in Pittsfield, NH. She was the first foal for her dam, Snowy River Dimples, and due to a difficult birth she was born blind. As she grew her vision improved to the point that she could safely live a normal life as part of a herd. Needless to say she grew up with lots of extra tender loving care :o) She has matured into a beautiful mare and is the queen of the Cloverdale herd.
Cassie's Sire, HNFS Firecracker
Cassie's Dam, Snowy River Dimples
We first saw Cassie when she was a few days old. She was curled up in the grass of her paddock taking a nap.
Newborn Cassie
Needless to say ...... It was love at first sight :o)
A couple months later we returned to White's Mini Farm to bring Cass home with us.
Mike White was nice enough to allow us to bring Dimples along to make the transition to her new home easier.
Barb and Baby Cassie Cassie and a happy Barb
Still at White's, Barb was just a little excited to be with her new babe :o)
Cassie and Dimples Cassie's First Summer
Exploring her new home while keeping close to mom :o)
Cassie and Rosemary
Her mom back in NH, Cassie takes a nap with her new buddy Rosemary :o)
Cassie one year old
One year later, almost fully grown, her shiny chestnut coat and bright white mane outshine even the wildflowers in the pasture!
Cassie Comes Home

At 3 years old Cassie returned to White's Farm for a romantic rendezvous with Hobby Horses Roan Ranger. On the return trip she kept her head in the cab of the truck to be close to us during most of the 4 hour trip ....... an ample supply of carrots may have had something to do with this :o)
Eleven months and a difficult 90 minute delivery later, Cass gave birth to the first minihorse foal to be born here on the farm......Ross's Belle Star

Cassie and a newborn Belle
Although our herd has grown since we brought Cass home, she and Belle will always hold special place in our hearts.

Cassie's second foal sired by our own little stallion Rocky Hill's Rich-N-Famous was born on June 25th, 2001
Cloud Dancer
See more pictures of Cloud Dancer on our 2001 Foals Page

Cassie's next foal, sired by Sulphura's Apache Eclipse was born on June 1st, 2003.
A chestnut filly who looked just like her mom that we named Casino's Mirror Image

Her next foal sired by Richie is a tiny chestnut pinto filly named Candy Girl born on April 20th, 2005
Candy Girl

Cassie's next foal and Richie's last is Cloverdales Buttercup born on March 30th, 2008